Our Mission and Vision


  1. To represent and promote the general business interests in the southern district
  2. To coordinate relations with other chambers and with the Union of Chambers of Albania
  3. To collect and process trade data at the regional level
  4. To organize exhibitions, fairs, seminars, trainings at the regional level
  5. To be part of meetings  at every level  that is  talked  about  business
  6. Promote and deliver services to the benefit of the regional business community
  7. Inform the business community of any legal changes that are made.
  8. To mediate the settlement of disputes among its members.


  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gjirokaster  is the strongest  voice  in southern businesses for every problem.
  • It coordinates the work with the local state administration and local and foreign business associations
  • Participate in all initiatives aimed at developing and promoting the business of the region
  • Create partnership with homologue chambers of other countries in the framework of joint projects with a business focus