Our History

The Gjirokastra Chamber of Commerce and Industry dates very early when many craftsmen  gather and discuss the various issues of the time. The legal status was taken in 1932, where the government of that time adopted a law for the Trading Chambers and the industry on which it starts and its opening in Gjirokastra.

From 1945 it ceased functioning as well as throughout Albania.

In December 1987, a representative office called “GjirokastraImpex” opened and promoted Albanian exports. In 1994 the Parliament then adopted the Law “For Chamber of Commerce and Industry” at the district level with compulsory membership. The law subsequently underwent changes, from compulsory membership returned to the volunteer.

Thus, since 1994 and onwards throughout the changes, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the County of Gjirokastra continues to work normally, denouncing the southern business. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gjirokaster operates in the southern region, including Gjirokastra, Dropull, Libohove, Tepelene, Memaliaj Permet, Kerlcyre. This room is a member of the Union of Albanian Chamber of Commerce, represented both in the Assembly and in the Presidency by its members.


The  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gjirokaster  functions in support of the regional business community. In the southern region it is well known that a lot of businesses  develop their business activities which have given  to the Albanian national economy.The Chamber  has grown and developed in recent years with these businesses, being and supporting them in  different directions.

This Chamber  is also stongly  represented by the intellectuals and well kknown businessmen  of the region, such as Mr. Naxhi Mamani, well-known economist and lecturer at the University of Gjirokastra, Mr. Ilir Gushi, well-known economist and bank manager, Mr.Mustafa Devolli, an  economist and experienced businessman, and recently by Mr.Maksim Hoxha, a well-known businessman in the field of tourism. This Chamber  in its activity has constantly protected and protects the legitimate business interests in , fiscal, administrative, juridical etc sectors. It has signed a cooperation agreement with various state institutions and organizations related to the business development. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gjirokaster  has been and is the promoter of a number of activities such as fairs, conferences and forums different developments held in our region. It works every day to fulfill its great mission in protecting and promoting the businesses of the region.