The Presidency is the executive body of the Chamber. It has the following competencies:

  1. Approves the work programs, related to the tasks and objectives of the Roo
  2. Approves the organizational structure of the administrative apparatus of the Chamber, the functions and salaries of the employees of this apparatus.
  3. Examines the internal regulation of the Chamber’s administrative apparatus
  4. Reviews the annual financial program and budget before submitting it to the Assembly for approval.
  5. Provides rewards for services provided by external experts
  6. Establishes rules for the use of funds and their administration.
  7. Proposes changes to the Statute of the Chamber
  8. Orders the agenda for the day of Assembly of the Chamber Assembly
  9. Make decisions on all issues that are raised for consideration by the Chairman in the Presidency and / or by the  Secretary of the Chamber

The Presidency is responsible for:

  • the implementation of the Assembly’s decisions
  • carrying out the activity of the Chamber