ACCEL-Coporate acceleration for existing venture

ACCEL aims to help the CB region business to reform and gain competitive advantage more quickly and efficiently through practical experience in the innovation process.  The project is designed to critically and practically respond to the hypothesis (however strongly supported with evidence) that businesses have the potential to grow through innovation hence retain current jobs and create new. The project is in line with the specific objective 2.2: Improve Cross Border capacity to support entrepreneurship, business survival and competitiveness, preferably with the use of innovative tools and practices.

The project helps youth and unemployed educated people (as Innovation Assistants)

  • Experience business in a practical format;
  • Co-create new business opportunities that have a comparative advantage at a local and international level by developing new and innovative products and services
  • Test the feasibility of real business challenges with the help of experienced entrepreneurs as mentors
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills and the ability to recognise and pursue business opportunities

The project supports existing business to:

  • Build competitive advantage through the innovation process of creating new products/services thus creating conditions that are attractive to funding either by the business itself or other sources of funding.
  • Grow and create job opportunities for young educated people

The project supports the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to grow through:

  • The creation of a supporting mechanism that joins efforts of various stakeholders in the cross border area for increasing innovation and job opportunities in practice.
  • Establishing connections among research and academic institutions and the productive basis in the cross-border area




  • Research Committee, University of Western Macedonia, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Parko Ag. Dimitriou, 50131, Kozani


  • Tourism Organisation of Western Macedonia, Regional Office (Dioikitirion), P.C. 52100
  • Center for Development and Democratization of Institutions, Rruga Varosh, Farke, Nr 4, Tirana
  • Chamber of Commerce and Indusrty Gjirokater, Rruga Nacionale 55, Gjirokaster
  • Albanian Network for European Integration, Rr.Bilal Golemi, Pall Universal, Kat VI, Nr 28, Tirana