INECO-Innovative Economy Ecosystem

The overall objective of INECO – in compliance with the general objective of the priority to which it belongs – is to address a broader innovative ecosystem in the cross-border area. This will be achieved by creating pre-incubating structured mechanisms, in order to encourage new entrepreneurs and teams to prepare and test their business ideas under real conditions, and before taking any business risk. The offered learning will be based on experience, thus lowering the risk of market failures. In contrast to a common business incubator, the pre-incubator supports only entrepreneurial projects (“profit-centres”) and not already registered enterprises. The specific objectives of the project are described as followed:

  • The development of a pre-incubation strategy in the CB area based on international experience and capitalizing on existing methodologies.
  • The formulation of Business Plans and development of prototypes for potential entrepreneurs and teams.

The development of a Business Pre-incubating Acceleration Tool and Virtual Platform, associated with all the particular Modules.

  • The creation of an International Mentors Network / Advisory Board / Pre-incubator Group.
  • The installation and equipped of two pre-incubation structured mechanisms.
  • The consultation with key stakeholders, policy recommendation and capitalization
  • The development of a holistic pre-incubating support program involving training, coaching, mentoring and laboratory activities.

To this end, the project seeks the establishment of a solid and stable platform of cooperation, generating economies of scale and providing opportunities to exploit the comparative advantages that the region offers.

The project is consistent with the strategies and aims of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme related to the Priority 2 “Boosting the local economy”, and it contributes to the Specific Objective 2.2 “Improve cross border capacity to support entrepreneurship, business survival and competitiveness”.

The partnership consists of (6) institutions with competence in entrepreneurship, research & innovation, capacity building and local development, with high level of commitment and expertise: (i) Kastoria Chamber (LB1-GR), (ii) University of Thessaly (PB2-GR), (iii) Association of Women Entrepreneurs (PB3-GR), (iv) Chamber of Commerce of Gjirokaster (PB4-AL) (v) Studies of Development Center (PB5-AL) and (vi) University “Eqrem Cabej” Gjirokaster (PB6-AL). The Partners have full knowledge of the area, its problems and especially its potentials. Their partnership combines knowledge, experience and expertise in a well-planned insight- out, and bottom-up driven project.